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The traits that you can cultivate to assist you in your entrepreneurial journey - innovation, perseverance, capacity to connect and self-discipline!

Jamil Damji, Co-founder of KeyGlee Real Estate

Working in Real-estate since 2002, Jamil Damji is considered to be one of the best real estate wholesalers in the world. So, it’s surprising to know that he had actually studied to become a surgeon. Still, he has been able to work all his way up in the real estate, starting from the very bottom of the wholesaling business, figuring out every step on his own. Following the 2008 market crash, Jamil and his family had gone broke. But his gritty mindset refused to let him quit, and he started learning stand-up and sketch comedy in LA.

It was with this same grit that Jamil built his real estate technology company, KeyGlee. KeyGlee has now developed into a National Franchise with over 100+ employees and spans 180 US markets. Wholesaling around 70 homes a month, Jamil Damji has mastered the art of Wholesaling Real Estate. According to the man himself, the secret lies in building successful networks and relationships.


Become the boss of your life!

Jamil’s inherent sense of humour and determination, which made him sail through unbelievable highs and lows in life, is apparent in all his works. He wants to share his knowledge of life and work experiences with future entrepreneurs, which he does by running a mentorship called Astro Flipping.

Also, he shares a lot of tips and tricks of the trade and how to develop the mindset to achieve your dreams on his YouTube channel and Instagram Page. For this same purpose, Jamil also features in the podcast  "Wholesale Hotline". Here, he shares the secrets of his unbelievable success in wholesale real estate. He loves the communication and connection powers that are provided by technology and urges everyone to reach out to him with their queries.

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