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So you want to wholesale real estate but have no idea where to start?  If you’re not ready to make the commitment and join Astroflipping ( … then I got your back with these 4 steps to get the ball rolling on your future.  Take a look around and if you get overwhelmed feel free to reach out <3

How to Comp

1. ) Definition of Comping: 

Comping is the art of comparing aspects of a subject house or property to similar homes or properties in the same location by using historical sales data to help determine value

2. ) Take Action 

The best way to learn is by doing it.  Here’s an example of an address to go try to comp - 123 Main St.

3. ) Comping Bootcamp  -
  1. Watch this video -

  2. Download these Appraisal Rules -

  3. Now you have the rules, let’s comp!  -

  4. Get Privy to find deals, run comps, market research, and find buyers! 30 day money back guarantee… use code “Jamil” for 30% off.  

Finding Deals

Traditional versus My Approach

Jamils Approach:
Relational Strategy  

1. ) Get a lead list (
2. ) Skiptrace that lead list (SkipTracing is figuring out phone numbers for those leads)
3. ) Cold Call/Direct Mail
4. ) Repeat
1. ) On Market for 30-60-90 Day old listings using Privy (
2. ) Agent Outreach for off market pocket listings using AstroBlaster
3. ) Wholesaler Outreach for MicroFlips/Co-Wholesales through AstroFlipping Community

Securing Deals

  • Call the listing agent on subject 
  • Gather these points from agent on the subject property COMPT & agents email.

- Condition

- Occupancy

- Motivation

- Price

- Timeline

2. ) Comp the property to the appropriate percentage to your market

(if you need help squad up in this group

3. ) Email the agent your offer with this email template, if the numbers make sense. 
4. ) When accepted 

the agent will draft up the PA and present to seller.

Helpful Videos

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