The Wholesale Genie!

The real estate expert who bounced back after the gigantic market crash in 2008, to become one of the most successful wholesalers around - Jamil Damji. Rightly hailed as the Wholesale Genie, Jamil has started from the bottom of the real-estate business and reached the top after going through infinite highs and lows.

Now, he wants to share his expertise and experience to educate others and impact their lives, while selling hundreds of homes.

Jamil Damji at a conference
Jamil with his sense of playfulness


Jamil's Story

From studying medicine to becoming an internationally-known wholesaling expert, selling 70 homes a month, Jamil Damji is the personification of hard work and entrepreneurship. With an experience of more than 19 years in real estate, Jamil has successfully built Keyglee. Currently, it's the #1 wholesale company in the world, spanning 180 franchisees.

Jamil also runs a mentorship at 
Astroflipping, where he mentors hundreds of future entrepreneurs to move towards success in real estate, with a steady mind. He has also started a podcast named “Wholesale Hotline", along with Brent Daniels and Pace Morby, where they share the tips and tricks of real estate investing. Jamil is known for bringing his inherent sense of playfulness and comedy into his workplaces and educating platforms.

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What if I told you I closed 3 deals from my desk at my W2 job?


Impossible until someone does it right?!


Don't let anything hold you back, and always analyze deals! You'll only get better... and don't let an excuse be the reason you're not pushing forward. #AstroflippingElite 

- Raqi Zidane


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