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Jamil Damji is an internationally renowned real estate investor and entrepreneur whose true passion is to empower others to create generational wealth through real estate. Jamil co-founded KeyGlee, a nationally franchised real estate wholesaling outlet operating in 118 markets and counting. Additionally, Jamil is the Visionary behind AstroFlipping; the most successful community of real estate wholesalers with over 4,000 active members and tens of millions of dollars in student profits. His success landed him on national television as host of A&E's popular show "Triple Digit Flip". The common thread in all of Jamil's activities is his profound commitment to teaching others how to invest and profit in real estate in a smart, strategic, and ethical way. To Jamil, running a profitable real estate business while upholding values of integrity and honor are synonymous, and his teaching are imbued with this message.

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Jamil's Story

From studying medicine to becoming an internationally-known wholesaling expert, selling 70 homes a month, Jamil Damji is the personification of hard work and entrepreneurship. With an experience of more than 22+ years in real estate, Jamil has successfully built Keyglee. Currently, it's the #1 wholesale company in the world, spanning 111+ franchisees.

Jamil also runs a mentorship at Astroflipping, where he mentors hundreds of future entrepreneurs to move towards success in real estate, with a steady mind. He has also started a podcast named “Wholesale Hotline", along with Brent Daniels and Pace Morby, where they share the tips and tricks of real estate investing. Jamil is known for bringing his inherent sense of playfulness and comedy into his workplaces and educating platforms.

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90 days of hard work and this happens!!! Thank you Michelle Garabito and Paul Nelson for the experience of JVing on this deal. We learned so much and look forward to many more deals to come. Walking away with a $26k check! Let's keep pushin' Astro Fam, Everyday is a day closer to closing your first/next deal.

- DanRon Smith 


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