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Wholesale Starter Kit

Thanks for coming!  I've got a few things for you... first of all, if you want to understand what Wholesaling Real Estate the video embedded here for a 5 minute explainer.


Okay!  You get it.  You know what wholesaling is.  Now first up, let's download the Appraisal Rules to use as a guide for when you're comping houses.  Use this document to figure out if you're looking at a deal or a no deal.  For more in depth break downs of how to comp, you can watch me doing it in action here:

Now that you're privy to the rules of comping houses, let's get that deal locked up!  You're gonna want to use what's called an "A-B Contract" which means it's a contract between you and the property owner saying your intention is to buy this property.  Download the A-B Contract HERE

Check out the video to see me going direct to seller and hear me on the phones with property owners.  It's not rocket science!  

The Cherry On Top

I'm going to host a Q & A zoom for everyone who signs up from today!  To be included, submit your name and email!  

If you have any issues with this, reach out to

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